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Nikhil PTE

Firstly, our firm belief is in quality and smart work, which is absolutely result-oriented. PTE being a computer-based test needs a distinct approach which is different from the traditionally followed approach for the offline and paper-based exams. Thus, we strive to prepare and condition our students in a way that they are fully equipped to perform well in the PTE exam.

With the beginning of my coaching in 2017, we have been successfully helping the students clear their PTE exams from all across the globe. Apart from the coaching, I have my YouTube channel by the name of Nikhil PTE Tips and Tricks, on which I regularly upload videos related to various aspects of the PTE exam.

We are always ready to help students who are struggling to get good scores in the PTE exam. However, you need not worry if you are not very fluent in English or have weak communication skills. It is so because apart from English, we also provide coaching in Hindi, English as well as Punjabi. We share the best and proven tricks in our classes, so that anyone can get good scores. Also, we provide online one-to-one and group classes as per the convenient time of the students.